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What are the opportunities for the timber industry in 2016?
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Why real estate inventory would be so popular? For several reasons, one important pillar, real estate is also related to the livelihood of the development of the national economy the real estate industry is the downstream consumer, bearing terminal consumer industries in most industries, such as Home Furnishing, building materials, if the real estate recovery, these two sectors are not the chance of prosperity. Therefore, whether it is local government or national level, are trying to make the recovery of property, especially the 234 cities. So what are the opportunities for the timber industry in 2016?

Opportunity one: real estate to inventory, will bring the recovery of the timber industry, the second half will highlight the effect

It is expected that in 2016 wooden furniture, children's furniture industry will be in a stage of rapid growth, high-end mahogany furniture considerable market prospects, the recovery can be. Therefore, the need to integrate timber channels, channels to be more flat, supply chain efficiency. Take the initiative to reduce the level of agents, to master the operation of the terminal data and channels, reduce the rate of increase, product differentiation. Followed by the platform, the integration of resources rather than producers.

Opportunity two: transformation will continue

From the point of view of the transition, the main industry around the extension of the industrial chain ecosystem, cross-border cooperation is the main idea. For example, Yihua wood to build Y+ ecosystem. With the industry to further enhance the degree of concentration, small and medium enterprises will be faced with the phasing out of the situation, the resources closer to the leading enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness.

Opportunity three: to have Internet business thinking

From the timber market down the line to see the phenomenon is again deserted, as traditional commodities, although relatively special, but business is inevitable, multi dealer mode, progressively increase has been serious damage to the ecological environment of the industry, the devaluation of the renminbi, the real estate industry need at least half a year to recover, inventory pressure is a timber merchant is bigger, and more capital chain tight, line operation cost, market development costs, warehousing costs, will undoubtedly make a timber merchant overwhelmed. It is understood that the impact of the electricity supplier is currently relatively small, but the next two years, the impact of the electricity supplier to the timber industry will gradually increase, there will be about half of the timber through online transactions.