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Land and sea freight rose, the lumber market is injured
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Some time ago due to the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping costs caused by the collective rise is still vivid. However, yiboweiping another, since the beginning of September 21st, the country will be the uniform implementation of freight vehicles loaded with new standard "mandatory national car, car and trailer train dimensions, axle load and limit value" (GB1589) maximum total quality limit, one of the biggest truck six axle vehicle weight limit from the previous 55 tons down to 49 tons, which means that the time from the same amount of reducing cost of goods operation.

So far, in addition to shipping, trucking also joined the army of prices. So what is the state of the bulk of wood? Market prices will rise? The timber merchants have their own views.

Increase in land and sea freight costs caused by rising wood

"Hanjin's bankruptcy was almost unexpected for timber merchants." Wuzhou Wu Wu told reporters that the total, the impact of bankruptcy, many domestic ports do not allow Hanjin container dock, resulting in a large number of containers trapped in the port.

In addition, part of the port while allowing container dock, but the premise is the owner must first pay a deposit of 8000 yuan, and 8000 yuan of terminal handling charges, of which 8000 yuan deposit after leaving port container can give a refund, terminal handling charges are not refundable.

Not only that, Hanjin has also led to the bankruptcy of Hanjin container customs procedures become more complex, and the cargo clearance time is prolonged, that will produce demurrage, demurrage and other expenses, increase the transporting cost of goods accidentally.

In addition, the use of non Hanjin container business, could not escape the clutches of the sea freight rose. The main reason is that Korea into bankruptcy makes international shipping market competitiveness has been weakened, in the circumstances of other international shipping companies have the opportunity to increase container transport costs, or about 100 - 300 dollars / cabinet, about RMB 660 - 1980 yuan / cubic meter cabinet, on average a wood (a container can be loaded 27 cubic meters of timber) shipping costs rose about 30 to 70 yuan / cubic meter."

In addition, since September 21st, freight vehicles loaded with the implementation of the new standards "mandatory national car, trailer and train the external dimensions, axle load and quality limits" undoubtedly makes the wood transportation costs rise further, timber market pessimism is more intense. Insiders told reporters that the new standards do greatly limit the load in the cars, such as the largest truck six axle vehicle weight limit from 55 tons down to 49 tons, so that the original transport goods are now 5 times to 6 times the need to transport, cargo transport price cost so go up.

As for the rising cost of how many, can for example, to 13 m trailer as an example: the original weight (55T) - (16.5T) = wagon load (38.5T), to 100 yuan / ton, freight is 3850 yuan / car, now the total amount of freight is unchanged, the actual load weight ([49T) - car leather (16.5)] * 4/4.5= (28.8T), the actual load of freight price is 3850 yuan, 28.8T=133.6 yuan. Freight price increase of about 33.6%. Plus the corresponding increase in taxes, freight rose at least 35%.

High end species indifferent, low end material is very injured

Overwhelmed by the rising cost of land and sea transport, the most hurt is undoubtedly extremely sensitive to the price of cork dealers. According to the cork wood Chen Fu professional operators reflect the value of cork low profits, therefore they are more easily influenced by external factors, the rise of the sea freight for cork market can be described as a catastrophic impact.

Maritime container transportation costs rose 30 to 70 yuan / cubic meter, while the motor transport costs also increased about 30% compared with the original cost. Add up the overall cost of cork rose about 80 yuan / cubic meter, the rise in the cork per cubic metre to only one thousand yuan of wood, whether it is in the middle reaches of the dealer, or the buyer, are difficult to accept.

On the contrary, the kind of high-end goods, businesses are relatively indifferent. Businessmen told reporters reflect, high-end wood such as mahogany padauk prices high, business profits are relatively high, dozens of blocks per cubic meter controlled to increase for the high price of wood, the impact will not be great, of course, the profit will be compressed to a certain extent.

Timber prices, the price temporarily stabilized

On the current market trend, although this stage has been entered in September, but the domestic market environment is still no obvious improvement, the downstream market demand for wood is still weak, and the stock market continued high, consumption has not been very good.

In this case, "and not to rise timber traders, wood Zhongfu Chen said that although the implementation of downstream manufacturers also know Korea into bankruptcy and the freight car new standard will result in timber prices rising costs, but the downstream manufacturers still hope wood dealers can according to the price before selling them this wood. The dealer is almost nothing, after all, is now in a buyer's market, the initiative completely in the hands of the downstream manufacturers.

Therefore, you can look at the stage of the lack of timber prices conditions, the overall price will be maintained in a relatively stable state.

However, from a long-term perspective, timber prices can be said to have been That's final. After all, businesses can not always do not make money or even losses, as the market price of wood can rise much, but also need to look at the overall development of the timber market in the future, so that the market to adjust." Insiders said.